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We believe in financial opportunity for all

Everyone deserves the chance to build wealth, to access credit, and to take control of their finances – no matter who they are, where they work, or how much they earn.

We believe in financial opportunity for all

106 million Americans are currently locked out of the credit ecosystem.

A credit system which excludes almost half of the adult population is broken. We're here to fix that by making it easier for more enterprises to offer credit-building products to the people who deserve them.

Step 1: Credit-Building

Step 1: Credit-Building

We're building a platform to help Americans escape the low or no credit trap - we believe that credit-building solutions should not be a luxury item, but available to anyone, anywhere.The impact of low or no credit scores reaches far beyond loans. Low or no credit scores result in higher interest rates and fees on loans--if you can get one. It can mean being unable to get a cellphone plan, rent an apartment, or get hired. For the 106 million Americans in this position, low or no credit is a trap that's hard to escape.

Step 2: Credit Access

Step 2: Credit Access

We want to help Americans access credit and achieve their financial goals. We don't care about who you are, where you were born, how much you make -- as long as you spend and save responsibly, we believe that you should have a fair shot. We're starting with credit builder loans and secured credit cards to help Americans with no or low credit scores get back on their feet. We will soon expand our credit offerings so that enterprises can easily integrate and offer products that work for their people.

Step 3: Credit for All

Step 3: Credit for All

Our end goal is to level the playing field for all Americans, enabling everyone to access the same financial opportunities. Archie will become the experts in helping people new to credit or rebuilding their credit to start their financial journeys. We want to share our knowledge with financial services and companies of all sizes so that they can build lending products for this underserved community.

Who we are

We're a close-knit team with expertise in payments, technology, regulatory compliance, and operations.

Paul Stavropoulos, CEO

Paul Stavropoulos


Harvard, ex-Microsoft and Palantir

Laura Toh, COO

Laura Toh


Georgetown, Stanford, ex-Promontory Financial Group

Luka Furlan, Lead Engineer

Luka Furlan

Lead Engineer

Security and self-sovereign identity

Jovana Jovanovska, UI Engineer

Jovana Jovanovska

UI Engineer

8+ years of FE development and UX consulting

Kerry Mahne, Fullstack Engineer

Kerry Mahne

Fullstack Engineer

Clean code enthusiast with experience on a variety of projects

Our Partners

Hard Yaka
Ledger Prime
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